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The “visitor” visa is a non-immigrant visa for persons desiring to enter their desired country temporarily for pleasure, visiting relatives or children or friends, or for medical treatment or combination of business and pleasure both.

Visitor / Tourist Visa Qualifications

If the purpose of your trip to visit a country for a short duration for pleasure, tourism, meeting relatives, family or friend, Visitor Visa is the right visa for you.

The consular officer decides if the applicant is eligible or not. The following is the qualification criteria by which the consular may grant the Visitor Visa.

The Visa applicant must demonstrate that :

1. The purpose of their trip is to enter the country for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.
2. That the applicant plans to remain for a specific and limited period.
3. Evidence of funds to cover expenses in that country; and
4. Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad

Student Visa related Consultancy Services

All countries offer a student visa to foreign students to facilitate carrying out full time studies. The students are normally permitted to work for up to 15 or 20 hours per week part time in order to finance their studies. However, permission is formally required to engage in a job.

Some countries offer several different types of visas to carry out studies in their country, depending on nature of study – for obtaining a formal degree or a vocational training, etc.

Students’ spouse may accompany by obtaining a visa alongside. However, each country places its own restrictions.

Some countries allow a training period after completion of studies.

Almost all banks offer student loan at affordable interest rates for financing the education. Repayment of loans begins after completion of the course.

In case students are unable to find a job after completion of their studies, student loan consolidation companies allow restructuring of repayments and also reduce the amount payable.

We recommend good universities across the globe based on academic record of the aspirants, help them get financial aid, and also help them in obtaining student visas.

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